Pentair Rebel Automatic Pool Cleaner

Pentair Rebel Automatic Pool Cleaner
Pentair Rebel Automatic Pool Cleaner
Brand: Pentair Onga
Product Code: 371693AU
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RRP $650.40

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The Rebel Pool Cleaner by Pentair Onga is perfect for thorough cleaning coverage of pools with hard to-clean dirt and debris. Featuring mechanically-programmed, gear-driven, wheels which drive and manoeuvre the Rebel all over the pool floor, up walls and into tight corners, the Rebel bridges the gap between conventional suction cleaners and robotics. It sucks up debris other cleaners miss!


  • Programmed steering for full pool cleaning coverage

  • Low flow requirements, ideal for variable speed pumps

  • Extremely quiet operation

  • Designed to manoeuvre out of difficult corners and steps

  • Made in Europe

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What's in the box:

  • 1 x Rebel Cleaner

  • 1 x Hose Float

  • 1 x Threaded Adaptor

  • 1 x Reducer Cone

  • 1 x Regulator Valve

  • 1 x Elbow

  • 1 x Flow Gauge

  • 10 x 1m Hose

  • 1 x Leader Hose

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